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 The NEW Palace
Posted by Syke - 02-27-04 23:04 - 0 comments
Another New Opening!!

SO here we are again, with something new to look at. Well, not entirely new, but some of the stuff is.. such as the new Gallery, and the new Board Features. Also some other stuff in the works, but I'm not ready to un-veil all of that yet.

Beyond that, you should know the drill. If you don't, then take a look about, I'm sure you will find something to keep you occupied.. at least for a minute or two. wink.gif Bey more
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 Refusal To Pay
Posted by Syke - 03-9-04 23:27 - 0 comments
If you have ever had a call from a bill collector, you will probably have an idea of what I'm speaking about. It's a strange thing that goes on Bill Collectors forms after they have spoken to you on the phone...

Refusal To Pay (but not really..)

It seems that there is very little distinction between "unable to pay" and "refusal to pay".. none at all in fact! And this refusal isn't based upon an ammount you can pay, only what they ask for.

Now, I know.. if you have gotten yourself into debt, you should pay i more
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 Apply Online!!
Posted by Syke - 03-5-04 13:16 - 0 comments
Being unemployed nowdays, is nothing like it was about 10-15 years ago. So much has changed in the work force and business structures, that some of the 'traditions' that made business 'great', are no longer followed. Now days, it's more like a turn-style operation, with a price tag involved, and not people. Welcome to:

Apply Online Now! (just don't expect a response)

It's probably one of the rudest things that has come out of the changes in the job market industry. People are no longer people, they are just commodities to be valued and exchanged according to some ranking system that has absolutely n more
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