Almost all of these were .rtf files that can't be dated, and some of them don't even have a title. Anywhere from 2005 to 2016.


A myriad of paths before me
places I've never been
and dark and light both lay behind
the life these eyes have seen.

So many decisions yet to make
my mind goes to and fro
which choice, which path I ask
is best for me to go?

And then I find I'm sinking
my pacing carved a groove
so I have to step upon a path
or else I'll never move.

Crystal Trees

The leaves of crystal trees,
like frozen teardrops lay,
upon the snowy, blanketed fields
in a land so lost, 
and far away.

The likes of you and I, 
I dreamed,
standing close within the snow,
your eyes a-glow when you turn to me
and say it's time to go.

Like frozen tears from crystal trees,
I fell hard to the ground,
My love is gone, 
taking my heart,
I have lost what I had found

Yet still I dream of crystal trees
my sad eyes glow anew,
when you turn 
and set my world aflame,
as you meant I should come too.

And I wake to frozen teardrops,
a snowy storm begins to start,
I gently touch the space where you should be,
just a dream I wake without you from,
and you still have my heart.

Empty Space

It's empty
the space where you should be,
like a dark hole
in the fabric of my life.
I cannot touch
what is not there
or hear a whsipered sigh,
it's just... space.
I fear to even
walk within it,
if I do
can you still appear?
I don't know...
it's just... space.
I guard it though.
Just in case.


It only takes a moment
to feel you gone from me
to churn my gut
to tear my heart
to set my demons free
It only takes a moment
to know you're not around
to make me cry
to make me scream
to have lost what I have found
It only takes a moment
without you, feeling small
to flatten me
to make me blind
to make me weak, and fall
So give me one night of happiness
the likes I'll never see again
to be with you
to share with you
It's my prayer to God. Amen.


some say that I'm not happy
I wonder why that's so
as when you
give your love to me
I smile, sing and glow.

some say I'm just a dreamer
hanging on to you
I guess that's right
this crazy love
what else am I to do?

some say I should be grateful
you let me be around
but they don't know
the way you are
the way you have me bound.

I say I'm just a person
what else can I say?
I live and ream
and love you lots
but you still push me away.


Mirrors cast reflections, 
and they say they never lie
But when I pass one, 
you're there with me
helping to straighten my tie.
And when I turn to hold you
and pull you close to me
all there is, is empty space,
that's a cold reality.

Mirrors cast reflections, 
they say they never lie
and in them I see me and you.
Lying reality. Makes me cry.


Sometimes it seems
in life we see,
the chains around us
no way to be free,
they hold us,
keep us planted firm,
no room to move,
no way to worm.
But then I see
your smiling face,
turns my world
back into place,
and I break the bonds
that cause me strife,
and keep your vision
in my life,
and pray for the day
you call to me,
break those last chains,
and set me free.

No Clue

What makes me want to be with you
and keep you close to me
when all you do
is shout and scream
and berate me constantly

What makes me want to hold you
run my fingers through your hair
when all you want
is to be alone
and say how little I care

What makes me want to love you
no matter what you do
I don't know
I really don't
I haven't got a clue.


Standing in the tide of time
looking out to see
spies the lonesome warrior
my Bastard sword and me

Ever glowing, ever bright
I step into the flow
my spirit set upon the world
from nothing will I grow.


I built a road on which to walk
one for me,
so I could wonder
through the Realms,
for past crimes

But it seems the turns
and twists I take,
no matter what I do,
now lead me on a winding path,
that leads right back
to you. 


What did I do to you
to make you feel this way
to leave me standing
all alone
again, another day.

Why do I feel that I’m the one
to blame for all of this
when all I do
is hunger
for a soft and gentle kiss.

How do I fix this 
cold and terrible thing
heal my heart
so it can be
free again to sing.


It's cold
out there
where other people are.
Freezing in here
inside me.
Make me warm.


As I grew up
I got to see
how life plays
how it might be.
And as I aged
I finally saw
what this aching 
lonely heart was for
Now I feel old
and wonder why
I'm still alone.
I want to cry.


Flutter-by butterfly
gently on the breeze
your friends
have all gone home
I wonder what that means...