This is the original overview for Syke's planned saga of books, centered around powerful mages called "Dreamwalkers" given power by cosmic entities of Law and Will. I've made it a bit more readable. There was a lot more, but it seems to have been lost to the unreliability of early-2000s digital storage. Probably a big part of the reason he never got around to writing any of these novels.

In the beginning, there was Chaos. At some point unknown, within this Chaos, a spark of Law formed, and The Will was born. Somehow within the ever changing maelstrom, Law was gaining a hold on reality, and new sentiences emerged... casting themselves out into the chaos... and they started to create... at first, small islands of Law, bound with chaos... until eventually, they created whole Universes... However, The Will itself was unable to enter these creations of Law, its very presence breaking the new rules of physics, and so The Will created its first sentience, one that could enter its creations.. these Million Spheres. This first creation of Will was called Balos, and he was given the knowledge of the construction of the Multiverse, and how to travel between the Spheres.

He reported back to The Will via his dreams, teaching The Will about all he found. And The Will grew, and so did his creations.. and soon, with the spark of Chaos within these Lawful creations, life sprang up. As the Universes evolved, so did this life, until it too became sentient, and 'dreamed'. And The Will began to learn and grow expontentially, drawing and gaining knowledge from the billions of dreaming sentients that arose.

Balos felt usurped. He had served The Will, giving and sharing with it, gaining kowledge himself... but, this new life within the Spheres had taken that from him, and The Will was preoccupied with the rest of existence. So, staying within the Sphere's where The Will could not effect him directly, Balos waged war upon sentient life, and because of his training with Dreams, used that knowledge against The Will, poisoning the flow of information out of the Spheres.

The Will decided to create another, one that could go into the Spheres and stop Balos, play him at his own game. And so Kryton, second of the brothers, was created. Balos and Kryton waged war across the Multiverse, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, with no end in sight. And so the last of the brothers was created, Orland... who would act as the balance between them all. Given the most knowledge of Dreams, the Dreamtime (The actual Chaotic plane that The Will first was born into), and how the Spheres worked, Orland was sent in to clean up the mess, and act as buffer between Balos and Kryton.

However, in a surprise move, Balos was able to defeat Kryton, and take his physical form out of the picture... although, his spirit still roams the Spheres... And so Orland has taken up the slack, and now faces and fights Balos in every sphere they travel to. Balos wishes to turn them all into realms of nightmares, so he can use the energy to eventually attack The Will directly... Orland tries to stop him, so the flow of pure dreams can go back to The Will, while other cosmic beings look on, or involve themselves when their own pet Spheres are caught in the crossfire.

This battle has gone on since the first sentients began to dream, and there is no end in sight. It is on this stage that the Dreamwalkers find themselves, given powers they do not understand by entities beyond mortal understanding.